Aphasia Language-Support Program


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Student-run aphasia groups take place for ninety minutes per week for the duration of every semester.  Groups are capped at ten participants and are designed as a safe place to practice communication, to ask questions, and to receive and provide feedback to others aphasia.  Discussions tend to include topical current world and local events.  Language games

 are designed to increase word finding and to provide additional practice.  Participants vary in severity.  We accommodate all ability levels.  This past semester, several members contributed to the creation of our Aphasia Group Newsletter.

This group is also an educational one for our students so we will ask you to provide us with a medical history, if possible, and may ask you to take part in some language testing if you are interested.

We encourage you to try aphasia group.  The only way to improve your language is to use it!  To sign up or if you would like to try a session, please email jennifer.mozeiko@uconn.edu.

Jennifer Mozeiko, PhD, CCC-SLP
Assistant Professor and
Aphasia Group Coordinator

*New members may begin at any time.

We meet online temporarily and will go back to meeting in person at the Storrs and Farmington locations when COVID is less of a risk but we will continue to offer an online group for those who prefer it or who cannot join due to transportation.

Storrs Location

  • 11:oo-12:30- Language Support Group– supported communication and cognition/language activities
  • 1:00-2:30-Two Aphasia Book Clubs– for anyone who would like to try to read or listen to audio books
  • 11:30-1:00- Group for Caregivers and Family Members- discussions have included communication partner strategies; having a sense of humor; finding time for yourself; how to modify travel plans. Selected excerpts here.
  • Aphasia Group Choir–  based on interest.

UConn Health Center – Farmington Location

  • Mixed Language Support Group – supported communication and cognition/language activities. Time TBD.

Online Only Group

  • Mixed Language Support Group – supported communication and cognition/language activities. Time TBD. Meets online via Webex.

If it is your first time using WebEx, please watch the video below:

*No meetings during student breaks:  Thanksgiving week and Spring Break week- March 20th.

Please fill out this form to see if we can accommodate you in one of our language support groups.  We will also contact you when treatment studies become available.



  1. Communication Partner Strategies
  2. Caregiver Bill of Rights
  3. Aphasia Apps