Women Huskies visits Aphasia Groups

Amari DeBerry & Jana El Alfy from Women Huskies came to visit some of their biggest fans!  We asked them questions about practice, their nutrition, and their coach and found lots of similarities between aphasia recovery and being a division one college athlete! You work hard, you practice hard, you stay as healthy as you can by eating the right foods and being smart about exercise and you take help to get better– even when it isn’t easy.

We got to go watch them practice on the court the following week! GO HUSKIES!

Allison Shane receives SURF award!

Congratulations to our  undergraduate research assistant, Allison Shane, who was awarded a grant from the Summer Undergraduate Research Fund for her her honors thesis work!  Her work is going to help us to understand how treatment translates to the home environment. It’s great that someone gets better in therapy, but does this mean that these improvements are reflected at home???  Follow Allison’s work to see.

Panel Talk- Caregivers for people with aphasia

This panel talk was given at the 2022 ASHA conference. I’ve received multiple requests for it so am posting it here for easy access. It is based on our book which is a compendium of stories from each of these caregivers’ perspectives. The book is great support for other caregivers. It also provides a critical and often overlooked perspective for SLP graduate students. Those planning to work with people with aphasia need to understand the way the family is impacted and how they might be helpful to the rehabilitative process.

2023 Aphasia Newsletter

1st year MA student, Lisa Esposito, designed and edited this year’s newsletter. This year she gives a glimpse into what our group members are doing when they’re not with us in aphasia groups. They are making music, art, landscaping, traveling, home decorating, fishing, and more.  An impressive group of individuals make up our aphasia language support and book clubs!  These are the folks who push themselves to the limit! Take a look: Aphasia Group Newsletter Spring 2023