Lab Members


Dr. Jennifer Mozeiko, PI, is a CT licensed speech language pathologist, Assistant Professor, and researcher directing the Aphasia Rehab Lab.  After earning her BA, she worked at the Harvard School of Public Health, spent a year teaching English in Hong Kong, and then returned to Boston where she worked in e-commerce for several years before pursuing her interest in language disorders following brain injury.  She received her MA and PhD at UConn where she is now a faculty member.  Her research is focused on improving treatment and the quality of life of people with acquired brain injury. Contact: jennifer.mozeiko at

Amanda Wadams, MA-SLP, doctoral student, Amanda Wadams is a CT licensed speech language pathologist who has spent the past few years working with adults in various settings across the country.  Amanda completed her MA at Cleveland State University and is currently enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Connecticut to pursue her research interests.  Amanda’s research focuses on the relationship between cognitive functioning and language, especially in those with acquired brain injury.


Louisa Suting, MA-SLP, doctoral student.


Andrea Pascariello, MA-SLP, Andrea Pascariello is a CT licensed speech language pathologist. She received her MA from the University of Connecticut in 2019. Her master’s thesis research explored the current practices of SLPs in regard to mild aphasia. Her research was featured at the 2019 Clinical Aphasiology Conference in Whitefish, MT. In addition to working as a speech language pathologist, Andrea hopes to pursue additional research opportunities throughout her career.

Sarah Arnett, BA, is a second-year Master’s student in UConn’s Speech Language Pathology program. She received a BA in Cognitive Science and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from UConn in 2020, and her undergraduate thesis explored the reliability of self-ratings of language in adults with aphasia. After earning clinical certification, Sarah hopes to work with adults with cognitive-communication disorders before eventually pursuing a doctoral degree.



Shivani Padhi, Research Assistant. Shivani is a honors senior majoring in Physiology and Neurobiology and minoring in sociology. Post-graduation, her goal is to enroll in medical school and become a family care physician working in a hospital or clinical setting. She is interested in studying intensive home-based language rehabilitation treatments for people with aphasia.

Areej Sayeed, Research Assistant. Areej is a current sophomore, majoring in Physiology and Neurobiology and minoring in Psychological Sciences. After graduation, she hopes to further her education and work in the healthcare and/or clinical psychology fields. 


Casey Martin, Research Assistant. Casey is a junior majoring in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences with a minor in HDFS and a concentration in Early Childhood. After graduation, Casey’s goal is to pursue a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology and someday own a private practice that supports children with disabilities and complex communication needs. Her clinical interests include aphasia, autism, assessment and treatment of pediatric developmental and acquired communication and swallowing disorders, augmentative/alternative communication, feeding and swallowing disorders, and neurogenic communication disorders. 
Lab Alumni  
Madison Thompson, Graduated with M.A., May 2021
Elizabeth Collin, Graduated with M.A., May 2021
Gabriella Farinha, Graduated with B.A., May 2021
Andrea Polin, Graduated with B.A., December 2020
Samantha Coulombe, SLP, Graduated with M.A., May 2020
Callie Marsalisi, SLP, Graduated with M.A., May 2020
Joanna Farrell, Graduated with B.A., May 2020
Kaleigh Frame, Graduated with B.A., May 2020
Andrea Pascariello, SLP, Graduated with M.A., May 2019
Madison Thompson, Graduated with B.A., May 2019
Kaila Cote, Graduated with B.A., May 2019
Katherine Konishesky, SLP, Graduated with M.A., August 2018
Allison Finn,  Graduated with B.A., May 2018
Taylor Dubreuil,  Graduated with B.A., May, 2017
Shannon Hughes, SLP- Graduated with M.A., May, 2017
Erin Szymanski, Research Assistant. Graduated with B.A., May, 2017
Marilyn Richard, SLP-Graduated with M.A., May, 2014