Language-At-Home Study

Contribute to Science!!!  We are currently seeking participants that are willing to wear a device that records and automatically processes specific language activities (number of words you speak, number of turns you take with a communication partner etc.) for two full days. Your participation will help us validate the use of this device with people with language difficulties after a stroke which will lead to better treatments. You will be paid $50 for wearing the recording device (2 days total) and $15/hour for your time in getting set-up and performing preliminary screening (hearing test, language test).

All materials required for participating in the study will be mailed to you, though you may pick them up if you prefer. The recording device is about the size of a deck of cards and can be worn on a lanyard. You can pause the recording device at any time during the day if you wish to omit anything from the recording.

The study consists of the following main parts:

  1. Intro and Language Testing – You will meet with our research assistant, Sarah, via Webex for approximately 2 hrs. During this time, she will walk you through the necessary consent forms, teach you how to use the recording devices, and complete language testing with you.
  2. Recording – You will record yourself for 2 full days using the recording devices which you will receive in the mail.
  3. Webex Conversations – You will meet with a speech-language pathologist (online via Webex) and participate in a 10 minute recorded conversation. You will also record a 10 minute conversation with your spouse/partner on the same recording device.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns: (860-420-9828)

Thank you!

Language At Home Study

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